ARP Physio-Rack Lite

ARP Physio-Rack Lite

ARP (Advanced Rehab Products) Exclusively to

ARP Physio-Rack Lite is a discreet, robust, functional and highly versatile wall anchoring and pulley system for use with resistance bands. Constructed from solid aluminium, steel and provided with a custom high strength pulley system it allows the user to easily adjust the resistance levels of your resistance bands and perform endless combinations of exercises targeting every muscle group.

When mounted to solid wood or concrete/brick the aluminium mount plates and aluminium/steel quick snap connectors can easily be used for body suspension trainers also adding to the devices versatility.

Each kit comes with:

1x High Strength ARP Pulley

1x Steel carabiner for use with the Pulley

4x Aluminium Mount Places

4x Aluminium/Steel Quicksnap Hooks

1x 11 Piece Resistance Band Set

    €120.00 Regular Price
    €90.00Sale Price