About Our Company

PhysioSales.com was set up to provide practical solutions to the most common ailments presenting to us in our clinics physiologic.ie in Dublin, Ireland. For years we have been advising our clients to source products in order to aid in their recovery. Our aim is not to offer an enormous catalogue of products but instead, offer the products that we actually recommend in a clinical setting, and hopefully help clients reduce the confusion and time spent trying to find the right product. We stock a range of Sports Braces & Supports from Knee Braces to ankle and wrist supports. We also offer a range of exercise equipment, massage and triggerpoint release options such as foam rollers, massage sticks and spikey balls. We also offer a range of equipment for ergonomic solutions and joint care supplements.

 PhysioSales.com is owned and run by Michael Sheridan, Chartered Physiotherapist and clinical specialist in orthopaedic medicine. 

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